People train as NLP Practitioners for many reasons. Coaching, Management Consultancy, Teaching, Health Care, Personal Development, Therapy, and Sports Performance. The list is almost endless. In this section of our site we have provided some links to information on different schools of Psychotherapy

Many delegates undertake NLP Training and then develop their own consultancy or Therapy Practice.  It can be extremely helpful to understand the differing types of Psychotherapy available. For example Gestalt Therapy is closely linked with NLP through its association with Fritz Perls.  While frequently clients will report having experienced C.B.T.(Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) For this reason we have provided links below that offer a simple explanation of many of the leading therapies that are available today.

We hope you fine this information helpful. The information is not intended to be a comprehensive academic study of each discipline but rather an overview that may lead you into further study or help you gain a deeper understanding of therapy in general and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) in particular. We have also provided links to Presuppositions and The Meta Model. Both of these areas of study are key elements of NLP and are coverd in detail during or NLP Practitioner Training Course.