Increasing Motivation Using NLP


1. Valuable Task. Think of something that you know would be valuable for you to do, but you have a hard time getting around to doing it.


2. Check for Objections. Pause to ask all parts of yourself if any part of you has any objection to your actually carrying out this task. Be sensitive to any objections. If you can’t easily satisfy any objections that do come up, think of something else that no part of you objects to.


3. Results and Consequences. Think about the end result of getting this task done – not the process of doing the work, but the positive benefits to you. How will you gain in many ways from getting this done? How do you think about these benefits now?


4. Change Submodalities. Now use the list of elements you discovered in Exercise 4 to change how you think about the results of getting this job done. Make these images bigger, closer, more colourful etc. Add in the pleasant sound, encouraging voice, or whatever else makes an experience attractive and compellingly motivating for you. Keep doing this until you feel strongly attracted to this task, just as you did with the “very attractive” experiences in the other exercises

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