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If you are looking for high a high quality NLP training course and you live in the Liverpool area then welcome to NLP Central. We are based in the market town of Rugeley in Staffordshire just a few miles from Stoke on Trent. Please check our location details. Our fully accredited NLP Practitioner Training Course is just £995. We know this is superb value for money. Other training organisations charge over £3000 for exactly the same level of accreditation and qualification.

We have our own training rooms here in rural Staffordshire and this allows us to keep out training costs to a minimum. We then pass these savings onto you. You receive fully accredited internationally recognised training at the most competitive price possible. We can provide information on local hotels and accommodation of all types including B & B and national hotel chains.  Students travel from all over the UK and Europe to train with us.

We even offer a guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our training course during the first 24 hours you can request a full refund of your course fees. This will be made immediately and without question.

We run regular taster days where you can experience first hand our training style and spend a whole day understanding NLP and asking all the questions that are important to you.  These FREE days are also listed on this website “here”

You can contact us by telephone or e-mail and ask as many questions as you wish. We love the difficult questions most of all.



NLP Training Liverpool

Our goal has always been to deliver high quality NLP Training at a price that makes training available to all. We have superb feedback from our delegates so we know we deliver on our goals. Delivering on your goals is an important part of NLP Training.

We leave out the hype, pushy marketing and self-importance and deliver high quality NLP training that helps you get more of the life you want and deserve.

The quality of training you receive depends largely on the quality of training your lead trainer received. You can find a copy of my C.V. here on the site. I trained with one of the country’s leading trainers John Seymour and was also a JSA Associate Trainer. If you would like to ask us a few questions regarding our experience, don’t be shy. Give us a call and find out why joining NLP Central for your NLP Training is a really smart thing to do.



Difficult Decision?

Choosing a NLP Training course that’s right for you can seem difficult. There are many courses and perhaps dozens of training organisations to choose from. I hope the information here on this site will help you make a more informed decision.

We are a local training company and have been training NLP in Staffordshire for many years. Please click the Home button above to be taken to more information. I am a registered trainer with the A.N.L.P., The Professional Guild of NLP and the A.I.P.  These are some of the leading accrediting and training organisations in the U.K.


NLP Central Believe In Clarity

Obviously I would like you to complete your NLP Training with NLP Central but I believe that by supplying you with some simple facts, this will enable you to choose a training program that’s right for you. I have regularly research many websites for NLP training information. We recognise that it is frequently quite difficult to gain clear precise information.

My intention is to make our information clear, simple and easy to understand.

This is a link to our information pack  “How To Choose A NLP Training Course”

NLP Training Liverpool

When you searched for NLP Training Liverpool you obviously found quite a few NLP Training organisations. So how do you make an informed choice?

We are highly experienced in the world of NLP Training and would love to discuss with you why we are different.  We also hope to explain why its worth travelling from Liverpool to our training rooms in Staffordshire.

All you need to do is telephone us or email us and we will answer all your questions honestly. So our advice is when you search for NLP Training in Liverpool just do a little extra research before you decide.

If you are making an investment in yourself please give us a call first.

NLP Coaching

Once you have completed our NLP Training you will have the knowledge and confidence to call yourself an NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach. You will have the skills and knowledge to incorporate NLP into your coaching or therapy practice. If you want to be outstanding in your chosen area then please contact us for more information on our fully accredited NLP Practitioner training.

Internationally Accredited Training



Our training courses are fully accredited and you gain an internationally and fully accredited NLP Practitioner certification. If you click on the Accreditation Link above you will be taken to more information regarding our accreditation process. If you are at all unsure then please email us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. You will receive a full reply within 24 hours and all our replies are given in an open and honest way.

Your Trainer

I will be your main trainer and I have years of experience as both an NLP Trainer and NLP Therapist. I first qualified as an NLP Practitioner in 2002 having trained with the Society of NLP with Richard Bandler in London.

Having set up a successful Coaching Practice I then took further training with the highly regarded training company JSA Associates. I completed a second NLP Practitioner Training with JSA and also completed my NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer Training. I qualified as a NLP Trainer with The Professional Guild of NLP one of the most rigorous training programs in the UK


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Save Money

My NLP Training is now accredited through the AIP. Therefore when you search for NLP Training in Liverpool remember to ask the training organisation all the questions you can regarding their clinical and training experience. You could save yourself lots of time and money.

NLP Training Liverpool

The Small World of NLP

I have trained with Judith De Lozier, Robert Dilts, Michael Hall, Richard Bandler, Michael Breen and John Seymour. I believe these are the outstanding NLP trainers in the world at the moment. Surprisingly very few trainers are willing to say where they were trained. We find this surprising. Perhaps you will too.

I have included a C.V of my clinical and training experience. You will find this on the About Link above.  You may wonder why this should be of interest to you?

NLP Theory & Practice

Very often trainers have so little experience that they are unable to explain how NLP can be applied in the real world. I have included the C.V. to give you the opportunity to make your own decision. I am surprised how rarely trainers make this information available to prospective delegates. I have been a Qualified NLP Trainer since 2005. I have been involved in Healthcare, Training and Sales for over 25 years.

Our fully Accredited NLP Training at Practitioner level takes 7 days and is held in our own training rooms in Central England. (NLP Training Liverpool)  All information can be found on the Location link above.

Our Own Training Centre

Having our own training rooms helps keep our prices extremely competitive and allows you to practice what you learn in our individual ‘therapy’ rooms. Having time to practice in a calm supportive environment makes a world of difference. Our small course numbers also allow time for discussion and reflection. We believe this is essential if you are to gain the maximum benefit from your investment.


I was a little unsure how much I would gain from joining a NLP course. I’m so glad I did. It has made a big impact on all aspects of my life. It was great fun and interesting from beginning to end.

Mark D : Marketing Consultant.

I attended the NLP Practitioner course as I starting a new career as a Coach.

The skills I learned were exactly what I was looking for.  You have time to learn and  discuss how these things work on a day to day basis. I wanted to know if I could use these skills outside the lecture room. I have been really please with my skill level and my confidence.

Caroline M  Corporate Coach

It was a really enjoyable course. I was very fortunate to have been able to study with such a great group of people under such a knowledgeable tutor. Dave shared his experiences as well as business advice throughout the course taking us all on a journey with well paced practical exercises everyone had the chance to practice what they learned in a safe and supervised group.

I know that at the end everyone was ready and raring to get going and get set up in practice, and that is all down to the quality of Daves teaching. He definitely knows his stuff.

Ian.G. Marketing Executive

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