NLP Training



NLP Training


NLP Practitioner Training Course

Starts 4th November-10th November 2013

Central England


Here at NLP Central we have taken a new look at NLP training.


Most importantly we have decided to keep things extremely simple.

Because it doesn’t need to be complicated.


We have listened carefully to previous students and also asked the opinion of visitors to our or website. We asked “what are the main things you need to know when deciding on a NLP training course provider?” The results of the survey were very clear and very simple.

Potential students wanted to know:


  1. When does the NLP Training start?

  2. What actual qualification will I receive at the end of the NLP training?

  3. How long does the NLP Training take at Practitioner level?

  4. How much does the full Practitioner NLP Training cost?

  5. Are there any hidden costs or extras we need to pay for?

  6. Where is the NLP Training held?

  7. Who will be conducting the NLP training?

  8. What qualifications and experience does the trainer have?

  9. Will this training give me the skills and tools that I need for the future?

  10. Can I do advanced NLP Training or Master Practitioner Training with you if I wish?


If you would like to click on the  NLP Training Course link above

You will find we have answered all these questions clearly and simply.


Choosing your first NLP Training course provider is an important step. The quality of your training experience is likely influence your life for many years to come. Asking a few searching questions of the NLP Training provider should be a simple process. If you prefer using email then please do so. You will be making an important commitment once you start NLP Training so spending a few hours on research is time well spent.


I have provided a link to some information you may find useful. Please click here.


If there is more information you would like to see included on the site then please let us know.

We intend to keep things free of Deletions, Distortions and Generalisations.


 NLP Practitioner Training